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Find Out More About How Inner Cellular Hydration Can Reverse The Irreversible


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book my call?

After you book your call, you will receive a confirmation email with a reminder of the day and time you selected. To get the most benefit from your call, please make sure you have watched our Masterclass, "The 5 Secret Shifts," before your call. Make sure that your spouse or an important family member can view the Masterclass and attend the call with you. If you have not had a chance to fill out our short Health Assessment Form, you can access it in your confirmation email.

Your Master Coach will be calling YOU at your appointment day and time, so be available and ready to receive a call from Energized Health. The call will take approximately 20-30 minutes, unless you have many questions.

In the meantime, you can watch real people just like you giving their testimonies either by opening them from your email or by going to our Testimonials page on the website. 

Why do I need a consultation call?

If we could change your health…change your life in just 88 days, would it be worth it?...would you believe it?... and would you do it?

Our Master Coaches provide FREE Consultations in order to explore with you this very idea. They take a look at your health assessment to understand what you are going through and why you want change your health. They help you learn more about what we do and how Inner Cellular Hydration is the key to optimal health. 

They will share with you the 4 promises we make to everyone who joins us and find out if you can make 4 commitments. Take your next right step now by booking your FREE Consultation on the calendar above.


What is the price to join?

Because we transform people's lives with the science of Inner Cellular Hydration and before we discuss the pricing options, our first step is to figure out if this is the absolute best step for YOU. If we cannot help you, we still believe you will get massive value from our conversation, and we are always working hard to make it affordable for everyone.

We simply share with you what we do, we offer a 100% money back guarantee, and we let you make the best decision for your health...no pressure...no stress. If you can be coachable and open to have an honest conversation, we would be delighted to share we do including the pricing and options. 


What is Inner Cellular Hydration?

Inner Cellular Hydration is the breakthrough science developed by John Jubilee 25 years ago to address a problem plaguing most people. The main problem we solve is dehydration at the cellular level, a state in which cells cannot take in hydration properly, no longer pushing out the toxins and waste from inside the cells. This healthy ratio of water inside the cell to water outside the cell influences the flow of body water through the cell allowing for a flushing or reduction of inflammation. Solving this problem then solves almost every other health issue people are dealing with, along with making it easier to lose unhealthy fat.

The tricky part is how to penetrate that cell wall to achieve real Inner Cellular Hydration. Our scientific health protocol is a sequence and a recipe that results in a transformation at the cellular level to help unlock all the benefits Inner Cellular Hydration has to offer. 

Please book a Free Consultation on the calendar above to find out more about how Inner Cellular Hydration can give you the healthy future you deserve.

How is this different from other diet and exercise programs?

Inner Cellular Hydration is our secret weapon in the fight towards reversing aliments or symptoms. We have developed a scientific sequence of hydration, nutrition, and exercise, combined with mindset training and certain game-changing, natural supplements that will positively change your life forever.

Our process is unique and promotes change to the structure of the cellular membrane permitting hydration to come in, proper nutrition to be received and harmful toxins and inflammation to be expelled from the body. Once at optimal levels of hydration, mitochondria inside each cell are activated and begin to do the work of balancing systems and repairing damage throughout the body.

Is this a health food or supplement product?

Energized Health is a scientific sequence that does not require any restrictive diets, special food, products/supplements, or shakes. We understand that most restrictive diets are unsustainable and complex to follow. We offer a flexible nutrition plan, eliminating only white flour and processed sugar. We offer many alternatives and modifications for people who have specific dietary restrictions.